Climate Group at COP28 UAE

30 November - 12 December 2023

Against a backdrop of record heatwaves, droughts, and flooding, world leaders will be assembling at COP28 in Dubai to address the climate crisis. ​

COP28 comes at a critical juncture in our human history, offering the most urgent opportunity for global transformative climate action. At COP28 we’ll Unite. Act. Deliver by amplifying the voices of our global networks to urge the international community to move further and faster on climate progress for a just and equitable future.

Read our latest update from COP28 UAE. 


Why is COP28 important for Climate Group?

Moving from commitment to meaningful action is more essential than ever.​

  • The IPCC has been very clear: we’re close to running out of time. If we don’t act now to reduce emissions, then the world is on a dangerous and irreversible trajectory.​

  • COP28 offers a vital opportunity to bring countries, states, regions and other non-state actors together on the most important issue of our time: climate change. ​

  • Climate Group’s mission is to drive climate action, fast. We will be on the ground at COP28 to support our members and to push for fast, effective and equitable action from the international community.


Our focus areas for COP28

We‘ll be pushing the international community towards the highest levels of ambition for our climate, with a focus on:

  • International diplomacy, including the role of subnational governments​

  • Acceleration of the transition to low-carbon energy​

  • Decarbonising the steel sector​

  • Ensuring a sustainable, low-carbon global food industry

Climate Group activity at COP28

As well as the Under2 General Assembly and reception, we’ll be leading other events and working closely with our members and international partners across the two weeks of COP28.

Friday, 1 December

Saturday, 2 December

  • Climate Action at the Frontline: Sharing Kenya’s experiences at the Subnational Level (Blue Zone)
  • Local Climate Action Summit: day two
  • SCALE event: Advancing ambitious multilevel climate action (Blue Zone)

Sunday, 3 December

  • Under 2 Coalition General Assembly

Monday, 4 December

  • Climate Change agendas at a national level: to strengthen effectiveness with multilevel governance (Blue Zone)
  • Goldwin Climate Action White Paper (Green Zone)
  • Governing the Net Zero Transition (Green Zone)
  • Jiangsu's green and low carbon development practice (Blue Zone)
  • Taiwan Climate Partnership: High Tech and Net Zero Initiative (Blue Zone)

Tuesday, 5 December

  • Accelerating the ZEV Revolution (Blue Zone)
  • Action for Climate Empowerment ACE (Green Zone)
  • Oliver Wyman: Climate Action at Scale (Green Zone)
  • Subnational roundtable (Green Zone)

Wednesday, 6 December

  • Global Cooperation Facilitating Climate Change Mitigation and Climate Resilient Development (Blue Zone)
  • Launch of ‘Indian States’ Collaborative for Leadership in Policy Development and Deployment of Electric Vehicles (Blue Zone)
  • Subnational leadership in leading a Fossil Fuel Phaseout to accelerate a Just Energy Transition (Blue Zone)
  • Subnational government leadership in driving National Adaptation Plans (NAP) and Nationally Determined Contributions (NDC) implementation (Blue Zone)

Under2 General Assembly at COP28 UAE

The Under2 Coalition is proud to be hosting its General Assembly alongside COP28 in Dubai on Sunday, 3 December. ​

We’re convening critical decision-makers from government and business to facilitate greater cooperation and accelerate change across sectors - Uniting Leaders, Driving Change.



Oliver Wyman at COP28: Climate action at scale

Tuesday, 5 December 

3.00pm - 4.00pm

Join Climate Group and Oliver Wyman at COP28 to explore how we can move from incremental “business as usual” moves to deliver climate action at the scale and pace we need today. We'll be bringing together leading sustainability practitioners to discuss and share practical experiences of scaling climate action, building on insights from our latest report Climate Action at Scale.

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