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Energy efficiency: Net zero’s invisible ally

The EP100 Progress and Insights Report 2023 details how energy efficiency is key to net zero, and how lowering our overall energy consumption will make the energy transition quicker and simpler.

The new report, Energy efficiency: Net zero’s invisible ally, documents how 127 ambitious corporates, spanning 157 markets, are improving their resilience, international competitiveness and energy security through energy efficiency.

EP100 2023 Report

Key findings:

  • To date, EP100 members have reduced their emissions by 395 million metric tonnes of CO2e, more than the current annual emissions of the UK and Belgium combined. Saving $1.6 USD billion since the implementation of energy efficiency measures.
  • Last year alone, EP100 members reduced 54.4 million metric tonnes of CO2e, that’s equivalent to the emissions from the electricity consumed by 10.5 million homes in the US.
  • In 2023, three EP100 members reported hitting their EP100 energy efficiency targets. 

Unlocking energy security and global climate ambitions

The necessity of accelerating energy efficiency alongside renewables was recognised at COP28, where 123 countries committed to doubling the annual rate of energy efficiency improvement, from 2% to over 4% every year until 2030. This is global recognition, of the highest order, that smarter energy use is critical to a sustainable and more certain future.

In the report Toby Morgan, Senior Manager, Built Environment, calls on governments and corporates to meet the challenge set at COP28: “The built environment stands at the forefront of the battle against climate change and the drive towards global energy security – energy efficiency is key to winning that battle.” 

EP100 members are taking up the challenge through measures such as, implementing more efficient manufacturing and construction processes, installing LED lighting, constructing more energy efficient buildings, taking on deep building renovations, and offering energy efficiency guidance packs to tenants to help improve resident energy use.

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From the EP100 Progress and Insights Report 2024, click to watch this video on Schneider Electric’s energy efficiency journey. Schneider Electric reached its EP100 target in 2023.