EP100 Cooling Challenge

As the world warms up, demand for cooling is growing at an alarming rate. With electricity demand from air conditioning alone set to more than triple by 2050, major companies can play a leading role in mitigating climate impact, by investing in energy efficient cooling that will also generate substantial financial savings.

Playing it cool! Major companies take on climate-friendly cooling challenge
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About the Cooling Challenge

Through the EP100 Cooling Challenge, EP100 members commit to identifying ways of cooling their operations as efficiently as possible – optimising the contribution of efficient, clean cooling in meeting their energy productivity goals.

EP100 members can reduce emissions from cooling by investing in smarter, more efficient technology and practices that also boost the bottom line and improve competitiveness. No wonder companies are signing up.

We are currently working on the second round of the Cooling Challenge, we will notify all our members once it reopens. If you are interested to find out more please get in touch

In the meantime you may be interested in the following: 

Our Efficient cooling in a warming world briefing, which shines a spotlight on three EP100 Cooling Challenge participants in India and the Middle East, who have identified ways of cooling their corporate operations efficiently.
Our Cooling Checklist is a tool for companies to organise a smarter energy use audit in any facility. The checklist can be used to identify energy efficient measures (EEMs), ranging from no/low-cost maintenance and adjustments to investment-grade