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Climate Group responds to UK General Election results

4 July 2024, 14:52 UTC 1 min read

In response to the results of the UK General Election, Champa Patel, Executive Director for Governments and Policy at Climate Group, said: "Labour's substantial majority gives Keir Starmer the opportunity to take bold action for our environment. Only 8% of pre-election debate mentioned the climate - this has to change. With record temperatures and unprecedented rainfall engulfing the UK over the past year, we just don't have the time to keep deprioritising the biggest challenge to face our generation. 

"With climate sceptic parties sweeping into power, Labour has a chance to translate power into much-needed leadership not just at home but globally: ambitious action on climate, supporting a green transition and spearheading urgent work to reverse biodiversity loss. After years of neglect, we finally have a chance to make up for lost time and restore the UK's environmental leadership. Will they seize this moment? One thing is clear, there's no time to waste"