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First Movers Coalition

Climate Group welcomes launch of First Movers Coalition

4 November 2021, 14:04 GMT 1 min read

The Climate Group has today welcomed the launch of the First Movers Coalition (FMC). The Climate Group has played a key role as part of the Design Committee for this initiative.

Mike Peirce, Corporate Partnerships Director, The Climate Group, comments:

“It's welcome to see FMC bring a strong new voice to the push for decisive climate action. The Climate Group has been delighted to be part of the Design Committee for this initiative which complements our work in driving business demand for net zero solutions and the decarbonisation of high polluting industries. 

Our SteelZero initiative drives demand for net zero steel from across the entire value chain, with members from architects to designers to stockholders and contractors. Whilst EV100 commits members to zero emissions fleets by 2030, with an increasing focus on heavier modes of road transport as technologies develop and demand increases.

“By focusing on bringing breakthrough technologies and solutions to market by 2030, FMC are catalysing one critical part of the net zero transition for heavy industries.”