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How businesses are Getting It Done by committing to EVs

8 October 2021, 9:06 BST 2 min read

getting it done

Climate Group’s EV100 initiative continues to go from strength to strength in 2021.  As we round the bend of Climate Week NYC and head into the final straight of COP26, a number of new businesses have joined EV100, from all corners of the world.

All embody the theme of Climate Week NYC this year – Getting It Done.

First up is Unidas – the first Brazilian member of the EV100 initiative. As one of the largest car rental companies in the country, Unidas is expertly placed to revolutionise access to electric vehicles and has targeted the conversion of the 85,000 vehicles in its fleet to electric by 2027. They are also working to install more than 1,000 charging points throughout their facilities for their staff and customers.

Kandenko, Japan’s leading comprehensive equipment company and the fifth EV100 signatory from Japan, also made the commitment during Climate Week NYC. They’ve pledged to transition their fleet of over 2,000 vehicles by 2030 and will co-operate with other companies to ease the transition of their fleet of special purpose vehicles to electric too.

Donlen, based in the US with operations in Canada, took the opportunity of Climate Week not only to sign up to EV100, but also to underline the importance of sustainability across the entirety of its business. Donlen will achieve net zero emissions across its 154,000 strong customer fleet by 2030 – and transition its fleet of 68 employee vehicles. In addition, Donlen will also deploy charging points across its business operations to aid in the electric transition.

We also had a commitment from India, which was also the first global hospitality company to sign up to the EV100 initiative, Chalet Hotels Limited. Chalet owns, manages, and develops hotels in key cities across India, and has pledged to transition 100% of its vehicle fleet to electric by 2025. They have also committed to installing electric vehicle charging points across all their hotels, for the use of both staff and guests. Chalet Hotels have also committed to Climate Group’s RE100 and EP100 initiatives, embodying the ‘Getting It Done’ theme at a crucial moment in the fight against climate change.

By joining EV100 during Climate Week NYC, these businesses have shown their willingness to adopt the spirit of ‘Getting It Done’. In addition, the global reach of these companies’ operations shows that, through co-operation and knowledge-sharing as part of the EV100 initiative, both Climate Group and our partners are well-placed to support governments the world over carry the energy of Climate Week NYC to COP26 and beyond.