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Climate Group Asia Action Summit

Spotlight Sessions

For the first time, we’re bringing our action summit series to Asia as part of our global roadmap to Climate Week NYC. ​


With a focus on two of the region’s biggest decarbonisation opportunities, the industrial and clean energy transitions, we’re bringing our convening power and unique networks to the fastest growing economic region on earth to ask can Asia become the green economic powerhouse of the future?​

We'll convene our business members and key regional stakeholders to meaningfully engage on challenges, discuss opportunities for collaboration to unlock green growth and identify the pathways for bolder climate action in the Industry and Energy systems. 

Read the agendas for the Green Energy Forum and SteelZero Summit.

Session one: Cutting through on policy 

14:15 – 15:20 SGT (65 mins)  

While renewable energy supply has almost doubled in Southeast Asia since 2000, fossil fuels -predominantly coal - have continued to account for the largest share of the region’s energy supply. With climate ambition firmly in place, a unified framework on renewables and clean energy procurement is now needed to fuel the emergence of a world leading green industrial economy in the region.  ​ 

In this session we will be exploring ways to accelerate meaningful industrial policy around climate and look at the impact the Asia G20 presidencies are having on pushing for more joined up thinking in this space. 

Session two: All aboard for a just transition 

15:20 – 16:00 SGT (40 mins)  

We have to consider the environmental, infrastructural, economic, and social implications of large-scale energy transitions. How do we balance the new energy economy that must be built (e.g. renewables, grid systems, hydrogen transportation, shipping, etc) with the needs of those whose livelihoods will be most impacted by the green energy transition?   

In this session we’ll be asking our panel to draw on their experiences from across the region to propose solutions to this important question.  

Session three: What’s next?  

16:30 – 17:20 SGT (50 mins)  

Meaningful outcomes from major international gatherings are vital to maintaining global confidence in leadership’s ability to address climate change. With increasing pressure on world leaders to take bold action, discussion must centre around collaboration, innovation, and investment towards solutions that can be implemented swiftly and effectively.  

We look ahead to major global moments on the climate calendar and ask what successful outcomes from these events look like in the climate decade. 


  • Joojin Kim, Founder & CEO, Solutions for our Climate

  • Sharan Burrow, Former General Secretary, International Trade Union Confederation  

  • Nick Smith, Executive Director, Growth & Low Carbon, Gov't South Australia 

  • Champa Patel, Executive Director, Governments and Policy, Climate Group 

  • Helen Clarkson, Global CEO, Climate Group

  • Ivy Kuo, PwC Asia Pacific ESG Leader, Partner, PwC China 

  • Dr Arunabha Ghosh, CEO Council of Energy Environment & Water