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Climate Group responds to French parliamentary election results

8 July 2024, 10:24 UTC 1 min read

France, Europe's third-biggest emitter, has achievable 2030 climate objectives recognised by the French High Council for the Climate (HCC). The election results ease concerns over rising far-right influence. However, without any party securing a majority, safeguarding the EU Green Deal must remain a top priority.

In response to the election results, Champa Patel, Executive Director for Governments and Policy at Climate Group, stated:

''The New Popular Front's and Ensemble's victory in the French parliamentary elections brings some relief from the threat of an ascendant far right in France. But no party has won an absolute majority. As we wait to see how the political pieces land, it is critical that parties commit to safeguarding the EU Green Deal and ensuring a sustainable future for the continent. This outcome emphasises the importance of political unity and continuity in driving forward pro-environment legislation such as the 2019 Energy and Climate Bill. 

The country can now continue to build on the progress made to date such as the enhanced production of renewable energy, renovation of buildings for better energy efficiency or the social leasing measure giving low-income households access to electric vehicles, or greening quotas for corporate fleets.''.