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Mainstreaming state-level climate leadership in India

19 March 2020, 12:16 GMT 2 min read

Following the successful first phase of the India States Climate Leadership Project in 2018-19 - that engaged 10 Indian state governments in advancing climate ambition and stepping up their leadership role through peer-learning and strengthening alignment between city, state and national policymakers - the Climate Group has launched the second phase of the project.

Six Indian states and five civil society organisations working in the climate change space in India participated in a phase 2 introductory webinar which provided an overview of the project along with the engagement plan with Indian states and proposed activities.

The first phase of the project involved climate dialogues between Indian states, the launch of the report Driving Climate Action: State Leadership in India and the Climate Action Compass – a tool which will enable states to assess their domestic circumstances and priorities under their State Action Plan on Climate Change (SAPCC) and link them to key metrics that align with India’s national ambition on climate action.

In phase II of the project, the Climate Group aims to deepen engagement with and enhance support to Indian states through the following:

  • Sector-specific webinars on topics such as: electric vehicles, renewable energy, climate finance and monitoring, reporting & verification (MRV) mechanisms.
  • Peer-learning workshops designed to allow key stakeholder groups to collaborate on designing effective climate policies.
  • International secondments for Indian states to learn from the policy actions being implemented around the world.
  • Offering opportunities for Indian states to profile themselves at events and talk about their climate action, e.g. Climate Week NYC.
  • Developing an online knowledge sharing platform for state climate action in India, supporting subnational governments to determine their progress towards goals and visualize how this supports the national government to meet its nationally determined contributions (NDCs).

“One of our main goals for 2020 is to further deepen engagement with Indian states, promote knowledge exchange and leverage tools such as the Climate Action Compass.

“By encouraging states to use the tool they will be able to track their own climate actions and performance as well as identify gaps and build capacity towards implementing robust climate action across sectors, strengthen their State Climate Action Plan for Climate Change, and therefore will be able to contribute more concretely towards India's Nationally Determined Contributions.”

Pujarini Sen, Manager - South Asia Government Relations, the Climate Group

Phase II of the project aims to achieve the following key outcomes:

  • Enhanced knowledge of and peer-learning among Indian states on climate actions
  • Amplify India’s climate ambition through alignment of national, state and city-level goals
  • Greater visibility of national and subnational climate action in international forums

The India States Climate Leadership Project has been developed by the Under2 Coalition with support from the MacArthur Foundation.


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