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Businesses urge states to adopt the Transportation and Climate Initiative

8 October 2020, 10:20 UTC 2 min read

Today, over 100 companies, key investors, and institutions called on 12 US governors and the Mayor of District of Columbia* to sign the Transportation and Climate Initiative’s (TCI) Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), which will be released in Fall 2020.

TCI is dedicated to helping communities mitigate greenhouse gas emissions from transport, creating necessary funding for transport improvements and sustainable transport solutions.

Amy Davidsen, Executive Director of North America at international nonprofit, the Climate Group, said: “A recent study shows that transportation is the greatest contributor to greenhouse gas emissions in the United States[I]. We must collaborate at a greater scale to cut emissions – this means innovating new solutions, building more charging infrastructure, and improving transportation modes.

We are seeing more businesses switching to electric vehicles. Just this year, major companies like Lyft and Lime collectively committed to reach over two million electric vehicles by 2030. The private sector is sending a signal for clean vehicles now, and and we welcome US states to provide more support for businesses to go faster and be bolder with their commitments.

It will benefit all communities, including those impacted by climate change the most. If we want to tackle the climate crisis, we must decarbonize our transport system to ensure that the future is truly prosperous for all.”

A number of the businesses who signed the letter included members of the Climate Group’s global initiatives on renewables (RE100), energy productivity (EP100), and electric vehicles (EV100). They include Schneider Electric, Lime, Ikea North America Services, LLC, Autodesk, Biogen, Unilever, Etsy, Inc., Clif Bar, DHL, Lyft, Schroder Investment Management North America, and Danfoss.

*These Governors and the Mayor include: Governor Ned Lamont, Governor John Carney, Governor Janet Mills, Governor Larry Hogan, Governor Charlie Baker, Governor Chris Sununu, Governor Phil Murphy, Governor Andrew Cuomo, Governor Tom Wolf, Governor Gina Raimondo, Governor Phil Scott, Governor Ralph Northam and Mayor Muriel Bowser.

[I] “New TRECH Project Research Update on Health Benefits of TCI Policy Scenarios.” C-CHANGE | Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, 6 Oct. 2020,