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EV100 publications

Our latest reports and briefings are available here.

EV100 Annual Reports

EV100 Progress and Insights Report 2020

Our 2020 EV100 Annual Report tracks the progress of more than 60 companies as they transition to electric mobility. It shows how companies have already rolled out more than 80,000 EVs and nearly 10,000 charge points for employees and customers.

You can see the full report here.


The EV100 Progress and Insights Annual Report 2020

Size: 8.38 MB

Date added: 15/10/20

EV100 Progress and Insights Report 2019 (click to download)


UK Electric Fleets Coalition

The UK Electric Fleets Coalition is a partnership between the Climate Group and BT Group, which has called on the UK Government to target 100% electric car and van sales by 2030. 

You can see the policy paper and list of signatories here.


UK Electric Fleet Coalition Policy Position Statement

Size: 2.36 MB

Date added: 21/10/20

Corporate leadership

The Business Case for Corporate Leadership on EVs

Switching to electric vehicles is not just good for the planet; it's good for business. 

EV100 members are seeing the cost savings associated with switching fleets to EVs already, and with up-front costs continuing to fall, there is no better time to commit to making the switch.

You can read more about the business case here.


The Business Case for Corporate Leadership on Electro-Mobility.pdf

Size: 438.55 KB

Date added: 21/10/20