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EV100 companies from India leading the uptake of electric vehicles globally

9 April 2024, 5:43 UTC 3 min read

New Delhi, 9 April 2024: Indian businesses like Flipkart and Zomato are shifting gear on the adoption of Electric Vehicles (EVs) in India and globally, according to Climate Group’s new EV100 Annual Disclosure Report

Zomato and Flipkart also hold the top spots among the top 10 businesses globally that have made the largest corporate electric fleet commitments, as part of Climate Group’s EV100 initiative. While Zomato has committed more than 3 lakh electric vehicles, Flipkart has committed over 75,000. Majority of the commitments cover 2Ws and 3Ws, which is testimony to the electric transition momentum in these segments in India. 

ev100 annual report 2024
Source: EV100 Annual Disclosure Report

Zomato holds the top spot in the number of EV fleet deployments at 13,500, with Flipkart at 5,347 vehicles deployed till now. The EV100 Annual Disclosure report also spotlights India’s supportive government policy for EV adoption, which has given EV100 members the confidence to commit over 390,000 corporate fleet vehicles to go electric. 

Atul Mudaliar, Director of Systems Change – India, Climate Group said of the development:  

“India is one of Climate Group EV100’s largest market for transition to electric vehicles (EVs). The progress in the country showcases a credible alternative in making transportation sustainable for business purposes. More than 20 global and Indian businesses have committed to electrifying their fleets in India by 2030, and we are proud of Zomato and Flipkart’s achievements. EVs are the future, and we must now work to resolve any barriers businesses are facing in switching their fleets from polluting petrol and diesel cars to electric."    

Globally, leading businesses that are a member of EV100 are boosting international demand for EVs by already switching over 6,30,000 cars and vans to electric across 71 global markets.  

Over the last 12 months, they switched 2,31,000 vehicles to EVs, a jump of 57% from last year, showing that the 128 EV100 members continue to match their ambition with action. 

EV100 members have committed to put 5.45 million EVs on the road by 2030. To meet the scale and speed of their demand, automakers must increase the variety and availability of affordable EVs for company fleets. To speed up the transition, support from policymakers is also vital.  

Sandra Roling, Director of Transport, Climate Group, said:  

“Businesses continue to lead the EV charge. Year on year, we’re seeing more ambition and it’s translating into real change, with more EVs deployed in the last 12 months by EV100 members than across any other.  

“Yet there’s more work to be done to make the transition truly global, despite our network spanning 71 countries already. We’re seeing ambition rapidly translate into action in leading countries where the right policy context has been created. But companies still face challenges in less advanced markets where EVs are difficult to obtain and charging infrastructure is lacking.” 


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