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Impact X Summit, Sydney

Climate Growth and Accelerating Pathways to Zero Emissions

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This 2-3 November, the Impact X Summit Sydney 2021 will produce actionable ideas and commitments to accelerating pathways to zero emissions. Business, finance and innovation leaders - including the Climate Group's CEO Helen Clarkson - will present pathways to zero for agriculture, built environment, energy, industry and transport.

The summit will showcase emerging decarbonisation technologies and connect them with the investors, buyers and partners they need to scale. Coinciding with COP26, the aim is to send an optimistic climate message from Australia to the world.

The importance of net zero emissions

The risks of climate change to industry, governments and society are increasingly clear. More and more nations are committing to net zero emission targets with massive investments being made into renewable energies, decarbonisation technologies and carbon management services.

Those countries, states and regions who join this race to zero will be rewarded, while those who don’t will fall behind. It is important now, more than ever, that the risks of rising temperatures are fully understood and that pledges on decarbonisation become actions.

Australia faces some of the most extreme climate risks but also the greatest opportunity. States are racing to seize this opportunity, to support their people and industries to build resilience to climate change, and generate economic growth, new jobs and climate prosperity.

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