Under2 Coalition projects

As the world’s largest coalition of states and regions, we lead transformative projects on climate mitigation, adaptation, finance and working towards a just transition at the subnational level.  

Our current projects

Deforestation-free cattle ranching in Madre de Dios, Peru

Using nature-based solutions in the Peruvian Amazon to transform deforested pasturelands into silvopasture systems that benefit the environment and farmers. 

Future Fund

The Future Fund supports climate action in developing and emerging economy regions.

Just Transition Taskforce

Accelerating progress towards an equitable Net Zero Future.

Mobilising green investment in Brazilian states

Enhancing climate finance capacities and planning in Brazilian states to improve climate change mitigation and resilience.

Net Zero Futures Policy Forum

An international partnership of governments committed to addressing the practical challenges of achieving net zero emissions.

State Climate Fellows

Deploying young, dynamic and experienced climate professionals to drive subnational climate action across India.