Our work

The Under2 Coalition works with governments across three key workstreams.

Within each workstream, we run transformative projects with state and regional governments.

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Our workstreams


Providing technical support and resources to assist governments to develop long-term emissions reduction plans.

Policy Action

Sharing policy innovation and success to accelerate the transition to a net zero economy.


Increasing accountability by encouraging state and regional governments to disclose their climate targets, action and progress.

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Future Fund

Empowering subnational governments to accelerate the shift towards a world of under 2°C of warming, through strategic funding that supports climate activities in developing and emerging economy regions.

Policy Action projects

Industry Transition Platform

Working with governments from highly-industrialised regions to develop strategies to cut industry emissions while supporting growth, job creation and prosperity.

Methane Project

A forum for state and regional governments around the world to share effective ways to reduce methane emissions, beginning with a focus on the oil and gas sector.

ZEV Community

Bringing together all levels of governments to share and learn about exciting zero emission vehicle (ZEV) initiatives taking place around the world.

Pathways projects

Climate Pathway Project

Supporting state and regional governments to develop a transformational process, or ‘pathway’, to reducing emissions.

Net Zero Futures

Mobilising global state and regional leadership on net zero ambition in 2021.

Road to Carbon Neutral

Empowering government officials, entrepreneurs, journalists and civil society from local territories in Colombia to create decarbonisation pathway visions for the energy and transport sectors.

Transparency projects

Climate Footprint Project

Supporting state and regional governments to improve their greenhouse gas emissions tracking and reduction efforts.

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