Past projects

Find out about the learnings and outcomes of our past projects.

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Just Transition Taskforce

The Just Transition Taskforce was a partnership between the Scottish Government and Climate Group, as secretariat of the Under2 Coalition. It built on the success of the Net Zero Futures project and helped to accelerate progress towards an equitable, low carbon economy.

Net Zero Futures

Net Zero Futures

Net Zero Futures was an initiative led by the Scottish Government, in partnership with Bloomberg Philanthropies and Climate Group, aimed at increasing action toward net zero emissions in states and regions worldwide.

Green recovery

Green Recovery

The benefits of a more sustainable recovery are unquestionable: providing long-term economic benefits, boosting employment, setting the world on a low-carbon path, increasing resilience, and creating a healthier and more just world. 

We worked with leading states and regions to support a comprehensive and systemic transformation towards a safer, more prosperous and just world for all.

We brought together states and regions to showcase their success stories and share their best practices and lessons learnt to inspire further action at all levels of government and promote the benefits of a sustainable recovery.

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Industry Transition Platform

The Industry Transition Platform worked with governments from highly-industrialised regions to develop strategies to cut industry emissions while supporting growth, job creation and prosperity.

During the project, state and regional governments worked together in groups to identify the key challenges they face in transitioning their industry to be low carbon.

Representatives from industry, system change experts and researchers provided participants with tailored technical support so that governments could develop impactful, innovative and ambitious industry emission reduction strategies.   

The Industry Transition Platform was a joint project of the Climate Group and the German state government of North Rhine-Westphalia, funded by Stiftung Mercator.

Wind and solar energy

Energy Transition Platform

The Energy Transition Platform supported state and regional governments to develop and implement innovative clean energy policies. 

The Climate Group, alongside the initiative’s lead government, North Rhine-Westphalia, and Stiftung Mercator launched the Energy Transition Platform in early 2016. The project concluded in May 2018.

The platform connected 11 highly industrialised, carbon-intensive states and regions to share transition experiences and successful initiatives; supporting them to overcome barriers, and enabling the transfer and adoption of innovative clean energy policies.


Zero Emission Vehicle Project

The Under2 Zero Emission Vehicle (ZEV) Project supported state and regional governments to increase the number of zero emission vehicles on their roads.

It offered participants the opportunity to network with other subnational leaders, share experience and identify innovative policies to accelerate the uptake of zero emission transport.

Ahead of the Global Climate Action Summit (GCAS) held in California during September 2018, governments in the Under2 Coalition vowed to step up ambition on clean transportation and this project gave them the platform to drive this commitment forward.