Just Transition Taskforce

Accelerating progress towards an equitable Net Zero Future.

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The Just Transition Taskforce is a partnership between the Scottish Government and Climate Group, as Secretariat of the Under2 Coalition.

The initiative aims to accelerate progress towards an equitable, low carbon economy by providing a platform to guide government action on just transition (JT) issues and establishing a Just Transition Taskforce made up of global states and regions. Together they will identify opportunities for greater collective and individual action.

How to participate

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About Just Transition Taskforce

Acerca de el Grupo Especial para una Transición Justa

Sobre a força-Tarefa para uma transição justa

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The need for a just transition

The Paris Agreement recognises “the imperatives of a just transition” as we reduce emissions.

Climate change is a universal theat. Yet, it is regions in the Global South – often the home of the world’s most disadvantaged communities – that experience the first and worst impacts.

As the speed and scale of climate action increases, it is vital that we deliver an equitable low carbon transition. One that advances global prosperity and long-term sustainability, without exacerbating existing inequalities.

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Supporting states and regions

The approach and understanding of JT differs greatly by region and local contexts. We will support global states and regions to understand the practical application of JT, as well as how to integrate it into broader climate action planning.

Therefore, we will focus on direct approaches to JT, related to jobs, low carbon investments and the impacts of decarbonisation, as well indirect approaches, such as those more broadly related to justice and equity principles.

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The Scottish Government’s Just Transition Commission provides practical independent advice to Ministers on how to maximise the economy and social benefits of decarbonising Scotland, whilst managing the risks and challenges.

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Building on Net Zero Futures

The Just Transition Taskforce will build on the success of Net Zero Futures - a project launched in 2021 by Scotland, Bloomberg Philanthropies and Climate Group, which was designed to mobilise state and regional action towards a net zero future.

To date, over 80 state and regional governments have been involved in peer learning and knowledge sharing through Net Zero Futures, supporting net zero planning and target setting.

To find out more, contact

Emely Anico, Senior Program Officer, Under2 Coalition