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Abruzzo commended for best practice renewable energy initative

26 March 2020, 12:46 UTC 2 min read


Abruzzo, a region in Eastern Italy and member of the Under2 Coalition, is demonstrating its commitment to climate action through new and innovative local projects. Not only has it endorsed the EU’s targets of 40% greenhouse gas reduction by 2030 and net-zero emissions by 2050, it is now increasing its efforts on the development of renewable energy sources, the improvement of energy efficiency and the use of smart technologies.

There are now 10 large wind farms in the region, four of which have been selected to undergo ‘repowering’: a process whereby old turbines are replaced with fewer, more powerful ones and a power increase of 30MW is achieved. As a result, Abruzzo’s work has been identified as an example of renewable energy best practice by the Horizon 2020 WinWind Project - a research and innovation program that aims to enhance the uptake of wind energy by increasing its social acceptance.

"We are proud that the repowering case study of an Abruzzo wind farm has been recognized as international good practice in terms of encouraging active participation of citizens in the development of renewable energy sources.

“Abruzzo strongly promotes involvement and cooperation with citizens, local authorities and private companies and this participatory process is one of the pillars of the region's sustainable development strategy.”

Nicola Campitelli, Minister for Energy, Urban Planning and Territory, Maritime Domain, Landscape and Waste for the Abruzzo Region

In partnership with the national Ministry of the Environment and other Italian regions, Abruzzo is now developing an Interregional Strategy of Sustainable Development, which includes the creation of a regional climatic profile and guidelines for a climate change adaption plan.

A key element of this strategy is a bottom-up participatory process which aims to identify climate change adaptation measures that tackle the core concerns of local people while recognizing the challenges posed by climate change. The process has successfully brought together citizens, experts from regional and local governments, energy agencies, private agencies, industries, associations, research institutes and academics and forms a core part of the region’s adaptation strategy.

Alongside its focus on clean energy, Abruzzo has also updated their Air Quality Regional Plan that was initially developed in 2007. This plan contributes to both improved air quality and regional monitoring capabilities: helping to alleviate the long-term health concerns associated with pollution.

“We are working with our cities to better tackle the risks of climate change and to protect our citizens. We want to offer them a better place to live and more economic opportunities.

“Our work with international initiatives, such as the Under2 Coalition, CDPThe Assembly of European Regions and Fedarene helps us to be more ambitious in our commitments, obtain visibility and increase our knowledge to act wisely. We want to work with all regional municipalities to promote an equitable green transition."

Nicola Campitelli, Minister for Energy, Urban Planning and Territory, Maritime Domain, Landscape and Waste for the Abruzzo Region