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Statement on US-China climate cooperation

15 November 2023, 21:04 UTC 1 min read

Angela Barranco, Executive Director, North America; Champa Patel, Executive Director of Governments and Policy

Statement from Climate Group’s Executive Director for North America Angela Barranco and Executive Director of Governments and Policy Champa Patel:

On November 14, the United States and China issued a joint statement “on enhancing cooperation to address the climate crisis.” The announcement came shortly before President Biden and President Xi met on the sidelines of the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) forum and weeks before the start of the COP28 negotiations. 

The joint statement demonstrates a crucial commitment between the two countries to foster climate cooperation among subnational governments and is a significant and positive step forward in the global fight against climate change. As Secretariat of the Under2 Coalition, we know that impactful climate action by subnational governments, the business sector, and the social sector requires a comprehensive approach. The steps outlined in this US-China climate commitment demonstrate the meaningful participation and cooperation essential to hitting global net zero targets. 

We look forward to engaging with our Under2 Coalition partners, especially those in the US and China to build upon this progress as we approach COP28 next month and further high-level events into 2024. This collaborative approach and constructive dialogue not only leverages the strengths of both nations but also sets a positive example for the rest of the world, emphasizing the need for global collaboration to drive climate action fast.