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States and regions prepare to drive forward climate action in Madrid

3 December 2019, 17:34 GMT 2 min read

States and regions are crucial climate actors and have significant power to cut emissions, as demonstrated in a recent report released by the Climate Group and CDP which found that states and regions have, on average, reduced emissions by 14%, in contrast to rising global emissions.

The report - which is the most comprehensive account of state and regional climate action released to date - also showed that 75 states and regions are now powering their economies with 45% renewable electricity. By comparison, only 25% of global electricity is renewable. 

Ahead of this year’s General Assembly, which will bring together Under2 Coalition members from across the globe, the instrumental role that developed states and regions can play in uplifting the climate action capabilities of their developing and emerging counterparts has been channelled through the launch of the third Under2 Coalition Future Fund Progress Report.

In the past year, the Future Fund has funded three peer-learning secondments and one knowledge building project to support Under2 Coalition members in strengthening their response to climate change and developing stronger mitigation capacities.

Providing an opportunity to take stock on collective ambition and ensure that a coordinated response is planned to the climate challenge in 2020, the General Assembly is a key moment in the Under2 Coalition calendar for showcasing success and agreeing on upcoming priorities.

With each government invited to make a contribution to the dialogue, discussions will be centred around the question ‘How will you commit to enhancing your action in the climate decade?’, focussing on the themes of:

  • Setting net-zero goals
  • Tracking progress and being transparent
  • Innovative policy and finance

The General Assembly will be followed by an interactive networking lunch, where attendees will have the opportunity to learn more about the Under2 Coalition’s key areas of work, including: Transparency, 2050 Pathways, Policy Action, Leadership for Climate Action, Climate Finance Accelerator and Climate Diplomacy, as well as share inspiration for the work of the Coalition into the 2020s. 

We look forward to welcoming our members to Madrid!