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Under2 Coalition response to the Foreign Relations (States and Territories) Act 2020

3 December 2021, 10:35 GMT 1 min read

Following media reports that Australian members of the Under2 Coalition would need to seek federal government approval for membership, an Under2 Coalition spokesperson said:

"Australian states have been at the heart of the Under2 Coalition since it was set up by California and Baden-Württemberg in 2015. Their bipartisan involvement has been instrumental in supporting states and regions around the world as they find new ways to tackle climate change.

"Almost all Australian states and territories are now part of this international coalition, which represents 1.75 billion people and 50% of global GDP and is doing important work to keep 1.5 degrees of warming in sight. We have been in regular contact with these governments regarding the Foreign Relations (States and Territories) Act 2020, and are working with them in regard to the new federal rules on international agreements so that they can continue to be part of this work."