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Building back greener - Yucatán’s Urban Mobility Plan

22 January 2021, 9:10 UTC

Global economic and health systems faced extreme pressures in 2020, with governments at all levels working to address the immediate impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, the climate crisis has not gone away.

Regional governments such as Yucatán, Mexico, have decided to take action that not only helps to relieve the difficulties posed by COVID-19 but looks to the future as well. This means developing policies that help to build more sustainable societies, where the environment is seen as a key concern rather than a ‘nice to have’.

Last year, Yucatán’s Plan for the Improvement of Urban Mobility in the Historic Center of Mérida has reduced city centre traffic, expanded and enhanced cycle lane provision, widened pavements and improved road crossings for pedestrians, and led to the planting of more than 2000 trees.

The plan has also generated 280 direct and 700 indirect jobs for local people, demonstrating the economic possibilities of more sustainable ways of living.

Download the full case study, which was developed as part of the Under2 Coalition's work on green recovery, to find out more about Yucatán’s Urban Mobility Plan.


Case study - Yucatán’s Urban Mobility Plan.pdf

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