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Marine carbon sinks in Andalucía: a crucial ally to achieve regional mitigation goals

18 November 2020, 10:09 GMT

The study and conservation of ecosystems and the services they provide has become a priority for policies at a national and European level. Yet when it comes to marine ecosystems, progress has been slow. In Andalucía, Spain, the government has been working to tackle this issue and in 2015 launched the LIFE Blue Natura project.

As a result of the project, the region has been able to successfully quantify the levels of CO2 that can be removed from the atmosphere by its seagrass meadows for the very first time. Running until June 2021, the project is showcasing the importance of accurately defining and quantifying the role of these ecosystems as blue carbon sinks and assessing which climate mitigation and environmental services they provide.

In collaboration with the regional Government of Andalucía, the Under2 Coalition has developed a case study showcasing the work of the project in supporting the region to achieve its climate mitigation goals. 

The case study is available to download below or can be viewed on the Under2 Coalition’s Policy Action Map alongside many other examples of bold climate action at the subnational level.


Under2 Coalition case study - Andalucía, Spain

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Date added: 18/11/20