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Telangana's cool roof policy: pilot demonstration to policy implementation

16 January 2024, 5:46 UTC

Telangana an Under2 Coalition signatory state is India’s third-most urbanised state with 47 percent of its population living in urban areas. As a result of increasing urbanisation, there is a pressing need for affordable and climate-friendly cooling solutions to help communities cope with heat stress and reduce the urban heat island effect. In 2023, Telangana took a pioneering step towards mitigating extreme heat, reducing energy consumption, and lowering carbon emissions by introducing its innovative Cool Roof Policy 2023-28.

Cool roofs are one of the simplest and most cost-effective ways to fight heat. The roof is an important component of the building as it directly impacts energy needs and thermal comfort of occupants. Built from materials that retain less heat, cool roofs function by reflecting back more sunlight than a regular roof surface. Cool roofs can help keep indoor air temperatures lower by as much as 2.1°C to 4.3°C as compared to traditional roofs. The policy mandates cool roofs for all the government, non-residential, and commercial buildings. This evolved into developing a comprehensive state-wide policy, reflecting years of progress and scaling efforts from the initial pilot in Hyderabad city. 

Read more in the following case study to learn about Telangana's Cool Roof Policy and its key objectives. 


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Telangana’s Cool Roof Policy: Pilot Demonstration to Policy Implementation