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Future Fund Progress Report 2018

Report 21 September 2018, 16:37 UTC

The role of developing and emerging economy regions is fundamental in making a difference to the world’s climate system. Not only can these regions contribute to a decarbonized world, but implementing mitigation measures can carry significant and much-needed health and socio-economic benefits to local populations.

Yet these regions have traditionally struggled to find resources to join international climate networks, participate in meetings, develop mitigation capacities or share lessons learned due to various resource constraints.

The Future Fund is intended to strengthen developing and emerging economies at the state and regional level to demonstrate bold climate leadership, build capacity, as well as facilitate knowledge-sharing between members of the Under2 Coalition.

Our latest progress report shows how over the past year, the Future Fund has supported eight state and regional governments from developing countries to strengthen their response to climate change. It also sets out how strategic support enabled the state of West Bengal in India to update its climate change strategy for the first time in eight years and the state of Yucatán in Mexico to develop a plan to reduce emissions from government buildings. Following requests from our governments, this year we also facilitated secondment opportunities for staff from emerging economy regions to developed economy regions.

None of this would have been possible without the financial support of the governments of Québec (Canada), Scotland (UK) and Wales (UK) in 2018, who continue to demonstrate their climate leadership. As ever, much remains to be done and we invite and encourage all governments, as well as philanthropic and individual donors, to support those with fewer resources to step up their climate action by contributing to the Future Fund.


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