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Building back greener - Québec’s plan for a green economy

28 June 2021, 10:09 UTC

In late 2020, Québec presented its new climate change policy framework: the Plan for a Green Economy 2030. The electrification of the economy is a key component of the Plan and will contribute to a green and fair economic recovery. 

The Green Economy Plan is the most ambitious approach to climate transition and economic transformation that Québec has adopted to date - contributing to the international effort to mitigate climate change while strengthening the ability to adapt to its impacts.

Québec has committed to a 37.5% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 below 1990 levels and the Plan will put the province on a pathway consistent with the objectives of the Paris Agreement and will have a powerful impact on its economy.

The Plan will accelerate the climate transition and create jobs in key areas, including clean technologies, new renewable energy industries and electromobility. It will be supported by five-year implementation plans and assessed and revised annually to take into account changing circumstances and technological developments.

Download the full case study, which was developed as part of the Under2 Coalition's work on green recovery, to find out more about Québec's plan for a green economy.


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