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Climate justice and equity at the core of Seattle’s transport electrification

30 June 2021, 15:34 BST

The City of Seattle is committed to achieving racial equity and climate justice, the government has aligned the development and implementation of the city’s electric mobility policies with this goal.


Seattle’s new Clean Transportation Electrification Blueprint is a cross-departmental effort outlining policy goals for the city to transition to an electrified economy and decarbonise the transportation system through actions that promote an equitable and just recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic. It builds on past successes and lessons learned to set ambitious 2030 goals around shared mobility, personal trips, delivery goods, the city’s fleets, streets and electrical infrastructure.

This plan sets a clear path to address systemic inequalities that environmental justice communities are facing and achieve a clean and equitable transportation system:

  • Reducing climate emissions and air pollution 
  • Increasing electric mobility options and active modes of travelling
  • Reducing fuel and maintenance costs
  • Increasing the number of green jobs and diversity in the workforce

It also builds on past successes and lessons learned and sets six ambitious goals for Seattle in 2030: 

  • 100% of shared mobility is zero emissions (including taxis, bikes, Uber, carshare services)
  • 90% of all personal trips are zero emissions (encouraging walking, cycling and EVs) 
  • 30% of goods delivery is zero emissions (encouraging electrificaton of private fleets)
  • 100% of the City fleet is fossil-fuel free (Executive Order 2018-02)
  • One or more zero emisisons “Green and Healthy Streets” (C40 Fossil Fuel Free Streets Declaration)
  • Electrical infrastructure required to stay ahead of transportation electrification adoption is installed and operational

The Blueprint was co-developed by the Office of Sustainability and Environment, Seattle City Light, Seattle Department of Transportation, and the Office of Economic Development and in consultation with the communities the city is trying to serve. 

Find out more about Seattle's commitment to climate justice by downloading the full case study below. The case study was developed as part of the ZEV Community, an initiative co-hosted by the Under2 Coalition and the ZEV Alliance, in partnership with C40 Cities and the U.S. Climate Alliance. 

The ZEV Community is supported by the Scottish Government and the ClimateWorks Foundation.


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