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Joined the Under2 Coalition in 2017
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State or regional governments publicly committed to achieving net zero emissions within their jurisdictions by 2050 or earlier

GDP: US$ 34,776 billion Population: 7,43 million

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Climate leadership showcase

Western Cape Government's Growth for Jobs Strategy : This is the Western Cape Government's Growth for Jobs Strategy (previously attached), which defines the strategic economic direction for the Western Cape and includes a focus on energy security and a transition to net-zero emissions by 2050. This is a transversal programme that includes a number of departments working on different aspects. The energy component has got approximately 45 projects currently underway to achieve energy security and shift to a net zero future by 2050. The programme has just started, so there are limited case studies available, but this is very exciting development for the Western Cape as most of the key / strategic projects implemented over the next few years will be aligned with this Strategy

Western Cape is well positioned to produce GH2 for local offtake, bunkers & exports: 1.Hydrogen will play a significant role in the transition to a net-zero energy system. 2. It will establish SA as a future energy market global trader, securing foreign direct investment, earning foreign income and creating economic growth and development
3. Import Markets for GH to 2050 will be the EU (2050: 11-15 Mt GHpa); Japan (2050: 5 to 10 Mt GHpa); South Korea (2050: 1.0 to 1.2 Mt GHpa) and the United Kingdom (2050: 0.5 to 0.7 Mt GHpa). 4. REPowerEU sets a target of 10mt domestic renewable H2 production & 10mt H2 imports by 2030