COP26 - 26th Conference of the Parties to the UNFCCC

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About the Summit

The United Kingdom is hosting the 26th UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP26) at the Scottish Event Campus (SEC) in Glasgow from Monday, 1 November – Friday, 12 November 2021, in partnership with Italy.

The summit will bring parties together to accelerate action towards the goals of the Paris Agreement and the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change.

The UK is prioritising the following for COP26:

  • Adaptation and resilience 
  • Nature 
  • Energy transition 
  • Clean road transport 
  • Finance

This year's key goals

Secure global net zero by mid-century and keep 1.5 degrees within reach

Parties (national governments) are being asked to come forward with ambitious 2030 emissions reduction targets that align with reaching net zero by the middle of the century. To deliver on these targets, countries will need to:

  • Accelerate the phase-out of coal 
  • Curtail deforestation 
  • Speed up the switch to electric vehicles 
  • Encourage investment in renewables 
  • Decarbonise heavy industry

Adapt to protect communities and natural habitats

Climate change is manifesting in devastation and extreme weather already, and it is expected to get worse even as we reduce emissions. At COP26, countries need to work together to enable and encourage countries affected by climate change to:

  • Protect and restore ecosystems  
  • Build defences, warning systems and resilient infrastructure and agriculture to avoid loss of homes, livelihoods and human life 

Mobilise finance

To achieve the first two goals, advanced and developed economies need to make good on their promise to mobilise at least $100 billion in climate finance per year by 2020 (as agreed to in Paris).

International financial institutions are expected to step up and play their part towards unleashing trillions in private and public sector finance required to secure a net zero future, globally. 

Work together to deliver

The global community can only rise to the challenges of the climate crisis by working together. At COP26 countries must: 

  • Finalise the Paris Rulebook (the detailed rules that make the Paris Agreement operational)
  • Accelerate action to tackle the climate crisis through collaboration between all actors in society including subnational governments, businesses and civil society
Stirling Castle, Scotland

Under2 Coalition at COP26

Saturday 6 November, Under2 Leaders' Gala Dinner

Hosted by the Rt Hon Nicola Sturgeon MSP, as First Minister of Scotland, European Co-chair of the Under2 Coalition and host region to COP26, the Under2 Leaders’ Gala Dinner will convene key leaders from states, regions, provinces and other subnational governments worldwide with key global climate leaders to celebrate climate leadership. 

The evening will offer a reflection on the Under2 Coalition’s collective achievements from the past years, and a look at what’s ahead with a focus on ‘moving forward from the framing of Paris to action at Glasgow’. 

The event, on Saturday 6 November, will include the launch of the Under2 Coalition Leadership Awards and recognise individual leadership of the states, regions and provinces of the Under2 Coalition.

For more information, contact
Heath and safety guidance for the Gala Dinner - coming soon

Sunday 7 November, Under2 Coalition General Assembly 2021

The Under2 Coalition General Assembly is the annual meeting of the states and regions of the Coalition. It convenes states and regions in a unique opportunity to share their knowledge and first-hand experience, as well as demonstrate ambitious action that has been implemented to challenge the international community to play its part. 

During this year’s General Assembly on Sunday 7 November, Under2 Coalition states and regions will showcase their plans for urgent 2030 action, building up from their efforts on green recovery. It will be attended by Governors, Premiers and Ministers of the Coalition either in person, or virtually.

Download the General Assembly agenda.

To arrange bilateral meetings at the General Assembly, contact

Other Under2 Coalition events at COP26

In addition to our Leaders' Gala Dinner and General Assembly, the Under2 Coalition is also organising and taking part in a range of other events. 

7 November - Further, Faster, Together: Under2 Net Zero Leaders Action at COP26

When: Sunday, November 7, 12pm GMT

Where: Technology & Innovation Centre, University of Strathclyde 

Contact: Pujarini Sen, Global Climate Diplomacy Manager

7 November - Funding climate solutions in Latin America

When: Sunday, November 7, 4pm - 6pm GMT

Where: Technology & Innovation Centre, University of Strathclyde 

Contact: Natalie Orentlicher, Knowledge and Learning Manager

8 November - States and regions for the Climate Decade

When: Monday, November 8

Where: COP26 Blue Zone, LGMA Pavilion

Contact: Nehmat Kaur, Head of Global Government Relations

8 November - Latin American states and regions on their pathways to net zero

When: Monday, November 8

Where: EUROCLIMA+ Pavilion

Contact: Natalie Orentlicher, Knowledge and Learning Manager

10 November - A Day for Cities, States, and Regions

When: Wednesday, 10 November

Where: The Royal Mile, Edinburgh

The event will invite elected officials to coalesce around the shared goal of reducing the consequences of climate change. SDCL has organised the day-long event into three segments along The Royal Mile in Edinburgh that will allow attendees to learn about ways to mitigate climate change, adapt to its consequences, collaborate with other elected officials, and visit the city of Edinburgh.

This event will bring together subnational representatives, including mayors, parliamentarians, and governors, highlighting the significance of their input and collaboration in COP-26 discussions.

Find out more.

10 November - Cities, regions and nations collaborating to power the ZEV transition

When: Wednesday, 10 November, 15:00 - 16:00pm GMT

Where: Multilevel Action Pavilion, Blue Zone, COP26

Contact: Anaísa Pinto, Policy Manager, Under2 Coalition

The race to zero emission vehicles is on. We need fast action by governments at all levels to decarbonise the transport sector and achieve net zero emissions by mid-century and improve air quality for all.

During this hybrid COP26 event, co-hosted by the Under2 Coalition’s ZEV Community and the International ZEV Alliance, we’ll explore how governments at various levels are working together and collaborating through international networks to supercharge their journeys towards 100% ZEVs.

You are invited to join this session in person or virtually and hear from the trailblazers that are leading the way as well as learn about new opportunities to raise ambition and support the global ZEV agenda. 

Featuring remarks from:

•    Benny Engelbrecht, Minister for Transport, Denmark

•    Jeremy Hewitt, Assistant Deputy Minister for Climate Change, British Columbia

•    Other speakers TBC

Register to receive the livestream link.

11 November - Cities, regions and built environment day

Climate leadership of subnational actors in the UK and beyond

When: Thursday, 11 November, 14:00 - 15:30pm GMT

Where: COP26 UNFCCC Pavilion


Race to Zero regions and cities event

When: Thursday, 11 November, 10:00am - 14:30pm GMT

Where: Marrakech Partnership Climate Action Zone

Under2 Coalition European Members' Meeting

Additional events for state and regional governments

We have compiled a list of events taking place at and around COP26 that are relevant to state and regional governments.

You can also click these links to view the full presidency programme and the Green Zone programme.

1-12 November - We Mean Business Coalition: Business pavilion for climate leadership 

When: November 1-12 

Where: COP Blue Zone 

We Mean Business Coalition is calling for climate leadership at COP26 and hosting a Business Pavilion in the Blue Zone to bring together companies and organizations that are going all in to halve emissions by 2030, in line with the 1.5°C pathway of the Paris Agreement.

Find out more.

2-3 November - Impact X Summit, Sydney

When: Tuesday, 2 November - Wednesday, 3 November 

Where: Virtual

The Impact X Summit will produce actionable ideas and commitments to accelerating pathways to zero emissions. Business, finance and innovation leaders - including the Climate Group's CEO Helen Clarkson - will present pathways to zero for agriculture, built environment, energy, industry and transport.

The summit will showcase emerging decarbonisation technologies and connect them with the investors, buyers and partners they need to scale. Coinciding with COP26, the aim is to send an optimistic climate message from Australia to the world.

Find out more.

3-6 November - Holyrood Magazine COP Fringe Festival 

When: Wednesday, 3 November - Saturday, 6 November 

Where: Central Glasgow  

Holyrood’s COP26 Fringe events will take place over 4 days in the centre of Glasgow, with each day exploring a different theme. The events will run in different formats with the Festival acting as a hub for people to meet, discuss ideas and share best practice on the way to, and coming back from, the COP26 official zones.

Expected attendees include local government officials, elected members in Holyrood and Westminster, civil servants, agencies, COP26 delegates from Europe and the rest of the world, and members of the Scottish public, private and third sectors.

Find out more.

8 November - Regions4: The catalytic role of regional governments for raising ambitions on adaptation and resilience

When: Monday, 8 November 2 – 3:30 pm GMT 

Where: Virtual 

This event will look at how regional governments contribute to raise ambitions on adaptation and are key to deliver climate resilient actions on the ground, looking at the lessons learnt and good practices from five years of experiences of the RegionsAdapt initiative, that can fuel the negotiations, and bring incentives for higher ambitions across levels of government.

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9 November - RouteZero: driving innovation forward on zero emission vehicles 

When: Tuesday, 9 November 

Where: SkyPark, Glasgow

15-18 November - Circular Economy Hotspot Catalonia 2021

When: 15-18 November

Europe’s leading circular economy event is back!

Hosted for the first time in Catalonia, the annual event exploring circular economy arrives in Barcelona this November with another inspiring four-day edition. Combining guided tours to local companies and talks with private sector and government leaders, this is the place to discover business initiatives, R&D projects, government strategies and collaborations pushing the circular economy forward in Europe.

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Opportunities to act

Glasgow Food and Climate Declaration

Subnational, regional, local and national governments from across the world are invited to to join the call for tackling the climate and nature emergency through integrated food policies and bring the critical role of subnational actors to COP26 by signing up to the Glasgow Food and Climate Declaration.

Click here to find out more and sign up to the Declaration.

Glasgow Declaration on Carbon Pricing in the Americas

All governments of the Americas (from the North to the South) are encouraged to endorse the Glasgow Declaration on Carbon Pricing in the Americas. This declaration was first adopted in Paris in 2017 and has been revised to encompass the issues of carbon neutrality, reinforced ambition, just transition and  urgency that will be discussed  at COP26.

This declaration highlights the need to implement carbon pricing at all levels of governance in the Americas as one of the tools to address the climate change crisis and to accelerate the decarbonisation of our economies, with a view of facilitating a just transition for sectors and workers particularly impacted by the shift towards a low-carbon economy.

Click here to find out more about the Declaration.

Further, faster, together: Under2 leaders action at COP26

COP26 is a significant opportunity to set the agenda for state and regional efforts on climate between now and 2030. As the world’s leading climate ambition coalition, the Under2 Coalition is encouraging members to declare their commitment to actions across the following sectors: agriculture, waste, nature-based solutions, environmental justice, energy, clean transportation, built environment and inter-governmental cooperation and planning. 

This will demonstrate that state and regional governments are on the frontline of implementation and serious about taking transformative and far-reaching action towards the 2030 agenda.

To find out more about the actions and to pledge your government's commitment, contact: Pujarini Sen, Global Climate Diplomacy Manager

For more information, contact

Nehmat Kaur, Head of Global Government Relations, Climate Group