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Taking action on zero emission vehicles - Québec.pdf

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Date added: 01/11/21

Taking action on zero emission vehicles: Québec

Case study 28 April 2021, 9:26 UTC

Through the ZEV Community’s ‘Taking action on zero emission vehicles’ series, we’ve shone a spotlight on Québec’s leading commitments and ambition on ZEVs.

The series aims to profile the ZEV policies, targets, and achievements of state and regional governments from around the world.

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Québec is one of Canada’s leading provinces for transitioning towards low carbon mobility, the government has been working to develop a dynamic electric vehicle (EV) manufacturing sector and implement effective policies to promote the adoption of EVs.

With 99.6% of its electricity coming from renewable energy, e-mobility is a promising market in Québec, which is also the home of a mature road transportation industry. The government has recently released its 2030 Plan for a Green Economy with new ambitious targets for the decarbonisation of transport, including:

  • 100% of governmental cars, SUVs, vans and minivans electrified in 2030
  • 1.5 million EVs on the road by 2030 (30% of Québec’s fleet)
  • 4,500 new Level 2 public charging stations by 2028 and 2,500 direct current fast chargers (DCFC) by 2030
  • Zero sales of new gas-powered vehicles from 2035

One of Québec’s key areas of focus for decarbonising transport is the development of its battery industry strategy – with a goal of becoming a leader in the global transportation electrification value chain and producing the cleanest batteries in North America.

The strategy’s objectives include: 

  • Leveraging Québec’s abundant battery-producing minerals in a responsible and sustainable way.
  • Investing in local electric vehicle manufacturing.
  • Developing cutting edge technology that solidifies Québec’s place in the North America battery recycling supply chain. 

ZEV adoption in Québec is one of the highest in Canada, having reached nearly 7% of market share at the end of 2020, and the development of the EV industry has contributed to the creation of over 6,000 jobs.

Through its participation in ZEV Community, Québec has joined state, regional, city and national governments from around the world in exchanging best practice and experiences of accelerating the transition to clean transport.


Taking action on zero emission vehicles - Québec.pdf

Size: 793.9 KB

Date added: 01/11/21