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US Climate Action Week April 19-23

An event guide to US Climate Action Week

9 April 2021, 16:05 UTC 24 min read

Pre-Week Events

April 8, 9:00 – 5:00pm EST 

BIPOC Climate Justice Dialogue 

The BIPOC Climate Justice Dialogue provides an opportunity to engage experts and scholars from Communities of Color working on climate change in advance of President Biden’s Earth Day Summit. 


April 15, 10:30 – 11:30 EDT 

The Race to a Fossil Fuel-Free Transportation Sector: what the U.S. can learn from Nordic countries to accelerate its transition 

World Resources Institute and Nordic Embassies to the United States plan to host a high-level conversation with U.S. and Nordic government officials, automakers and transportation leaders on how to decarbonize the transportation sector, lessons learned from Nordic countries, and how accelerating the transition to fossil fuel-free transportation can help the U.S. build back better. 


April 16, 11am EDT 

Florida State Call

Make the case for the AJP amid the FL wastewater crisis and how these investments would overall boost the economy, create jobs, and improve the quality of life in the state. This event is hosted by Climate Power. 


All week, starting April 18

Play for the Planet 

The ClimateMusic Project re-launches the "Play for the Planet" campaign to coincide with Earth Day 2021. The event will take place online from April 18 to 24 and will release videos from participating artists musically answering the question "What do you want the future to sound like?  


US Climate Action Week

Monday, April 19  

10:00am – 11:00am EDT 

Clean Jobs America 2021 Release 

E2 will host a national press conference call to release its annual Clean Jobs America report detailing how many Americans work in every sector of the clean energy economy in every state, including breakdowns for metropolitan and rural areas. 


11:00am-12:30pm EDT

Climate Adaptation and Resilience: The Road to COP26

This briefing, hosted by the British Embassy, Washington D.C. and Environmental and Energy Study Institute, will highlight the complementary global efforts to advance climate adaptation and resilience in the lead-up to COP26.


11:00am EDT 

The US Cultural Sector in Climate Action: Jobs + Community Resilience 

Leaders at the Abbe Museum (ME), Puerto Rico Traditional Trades Apprenticeship Program - Institute of Puerto Rican Culture, and the Science Museum of Minnesota showcase the climate jobs future through traditional ecological knowledge-sharing for natural resource protection and management. 


12:00-1:00pm EDT

Build Back Better

Addressing the climate crisis will mean millions of new jobs and economic opportunity. All roads this year lead to Glasgow ie COP26. This event is hosted by World War Zero. 


12:00-1:30pm EDT 


Together for Climate: Community Action Rally

This year more than ever, the climate crisis demands urgent collective action and leadership across countries, communities, and sectors - to protect our planet and safeguard all our futures. Earth Day 2021 is a moment for the world to demand and deliver the deep commitments needed to avert climate catastrophe, and recover from COVID-19 in a sustainable way. Hosted by United Nations Foundation, ahead of Earth Day, global networks of young climate activists will come together for a virtual rally to galvanize activism, increase ambition, and unite around the best climate science.


1:00-1:45pm EDT 


Tune in Monday, April 19th at 1PM ET for a virtual discussion where WIRED’s Megan Greenwell will sit down with with the two just announced winners of the $20M NRG COSIA Carbon XPRIZE as they discuss how they’ve successfully converted industrial CO2 emissions into valuable everyday products in the fight against climate change.


1:00-2:00pm EDT 

The Age of Offshore Wind in the US 

The Global Wind Energy Council will bring together representatives from federal and state energy authorities with offshore wind developers and OEMs in the US to discuss the economic impacts of offshore wind expansion, across green jobs and industrial development, as well as the near-term challenges to scaling up the industry. 


1:00-2:00pm EDT 

Net Zero is Fake Zero: why we need real emissions reductions, not gimmicks and false promises

In this webinar, the host will expose how these “net zero” commitments are at best based on a misunderstanding of the underlying science, and at worst an outright form of “greenwashing” and propaganda to conceal the fact that these governments and corporations have every intention of continuing to profit from business as usual while distracting the public with meaningless commitments.


3:00-4:30pm EDT

How Utilities Unlock the Energy Transition

Join WBCSD and BCSE to learn from regulators, national and international utility sector executives, sector experts, and thought leaders on how utilities are spurring transformational technologies that can help reduce emissions and adapt to climate change, while also creating enormous new economic opportunities and building the industries of the future.


Tuesday, April 20 

8:00-9:00am EDT  

A New Era for the US-India Strategic Energy Partnership 

This panel, hosted by the Global Wind Energy Council, will discuss how the US-India Strategic Energy Partnership could accelerate the pace of clean energy investment and innovation in both countries, and the greatest opportunities for bilateral cooperation. It will touch on a range of topics, from investment barriers in clean energy deployment in both the US and India, green hydrogen production and cost reduction, as well as how clean energy can support the decarbonization of other sectors like transport and industry. 


8:00-10:00am EDT 

The Climate Finance Opportunity in Developing Countries: How the Green Climate Fund Delivers Climate Action

This virtual round table will discuss the opportunities and challenges of investing in climate action in developing countries. It will highlight the role of GCF in supporting partners to catalyze innovation and leverage blended finance mechanisms to accelerate the transition to low emissions climate resilient pathways.


8:00-9:15am EDT

The Political Legacy of 2021: Reflections from Past COP Presidents and Climate Leaders

This event, hosted by WWF International, aims at promoting a dialogue between former COP Presidents, UK Government representatives and Climate Leaders on possible elements for the legacy of the 2021 momentum to multilateralism, with a focus on COP 26.


9:00-9:50am EDT 

Let's speak about Community Based Solutions 

Numerous scientific studies show that Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities are the best guardians of forests, and therefore front-line partners in mitigating global warming and also in keeping dangerous viruses in their natural environments. Hosted by Alianza Global, this event focuses on the role of Indigenous Peoples in climate action and the introduction of the concept “community based solutions.”  


9:00-10:00am EDT 

Transformative Investment in Climate Smart Agriculture

Farmers and ranchers are among the most at-risk due to climate change yet also steward the ability to cycle carbon and sequester it. This session, hosted by World Business Council for Sustainable Development, provides a path forward based on a recently released report “Transformative Investment in Climate Smart Agriculture”.


9:00-10:00am EDT 

Build Back Greener - Green Recovery Strategies for the Building Sector

ROCKWOOL International and Danish Cleantech Hub is opening the virtual doors for the event ‘Build Back Greener – Green Recovery Strategies for the Building Sector’. During the event and with the Leader’s Summit on Climate as the backdrop, American and Danish experts across the building sector will discuss best in class recovery strategies on how to leverage building retrofits and public-private partnerships to support economic development and innovation while creating green jobs, focusing on the ambitious goals already set by New York State and New York City.


9:00-10:00am EDT 

Localizing SDG13: Cities Leading on Climate Action through the Voluntary Local Review

Join ICLEI in partnership with the Connected Cities Lab at University of Melbourne during U.S. Climate Week for a discussion on the SDG Cities Challenge, a city-to-city cohort learn-do model that is scaling VLR adoption through international city-to-city collaboration.


9:30-11:00am EDT 

International Clean Energy Collaboration to Drive Deep Decarbonization

Hosted by E3G, this event will explore how to integrate the revived MEF with other processes aimed at accelerating clean technology deployment in line with the drive for net zero emissions.


10:00-11:00am EDT 

Deploying & Financing Natural Infrastructure at Scale to Mitigate Climate Change 

In a landmark agreement between 100 cities along the Mississippi River through ten states, Ducks Unlimited, Quantified Ventures, and Two Degrees Adapt Mayors are deploying natural infrastructure to mitigate for climate disasters, clean the water, and sequester carbon. This session is hosted by the Mississippi River Cities & Towns Initiative.  


10:00-11:00am EDT 

The Role of Subnational Actors in the Fight Against Climate Change

This on-the-record online event hosted by the German Marshall Fund of the United States in collaboration with the Quebec Government Office in Washington, will call attention to the importance of subnational engagement as the United States re-enters the fight against climate change.


10:00-11:00am EDT 

Coffee & Something Stronger with Rev. Dr. Gerald Durley

Rev. Dr. Gerald Durley joins GIPL's Codi Norred for this week's episode of Coffee & Something Stronger. Rev. Durley serves as Board Chair for Interfaith Power & Light. Coffee & Something Stronger is a weekly show, featuring environmental leaders around Georgia and across the country.


11:00am-12:30pm EDT 

Introducing SABA, the Sustainable Aviation Buyers Alliance: Harnessing corporate collective buying power to bring sustainable aviation fuels to scale 

Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) and RMI have brought together a group of climate leading companies committed to creating the system needed to unlock demand for sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) globally to reduce aviation emissions, while driving vast new clean energy jobs and creating new revenue sources for farmers. Please join RMI, EDF and some of SABA’s Founding Member companies for this SABA launch event where we will discuss SABA’s plan to accelerate the path to net zero aviation. 


11:00am-12:00pm EDT

The Road to COP26: From Climate Ambition to Climate Action

Hosted by Georgetown University, this panel will explore what impact the U.S.’s re-entry into the Paris Agreement will have for COP26 outcomes and what the world might expect from the US as the Biden administration prepares to unveil its NDC. More broadly, the panel will also explore the ambitions for this year’s summit, the impact that the COVID-19 pandemic has had on climate efforts and the opportunity it presents to “build back better” in crafting a greener future for the planet.


11:00am-12:00pm EDT

Climate Resilience: An Urgent Opportunity for U.S. Leadership

Our vulnerability to the stresses and shocks of climate change threatens our food, energy, water, transportation, and health security. As world leaders attend the Leaders' Summit on Climate, the Resilience Roadmap project is convening this one-hour conversation to hear from resilience leaders.


11:00am-12:00pm EDT

Preparing Our Communities to Address the Climate Crisis, Science Leads the Way

Join Career Communications Group for a panel discussion on how we can begin to prepare our communities to address the climate crisis with science and technology leading the way. Let us stand up, step up, and make the change for a better, cleaner, and safer tomorrow.


12:00-1:00pm EDT

Modeling A 1.5C Pathway To Climate Leadership For The United States

Join Energy Innovation modelers on a webinar to discuss the emissions impact of a new NDC and state-of-the-art modeling showing the comparatively small set of policies that can help the U.S. secure the emissions reductions required by 2030 for a 1.5°C trajectory and net-zero emissions by 2050.


1:00-1:30pm EDT 

A Call to Action, It’s Your Day: A climate action plan preview of Prince George’s County

Bowie State University hosts the Prince George's Department of Environment as PGC DoE officials present a preview of the upcoming County Climate Action Plan including a few current county-wide initiatives. County executives, BSU President Breaux, along with BSU & UMD students will give their input on climate issues in general and specifically in Prince George's County.


1:00-2:00pm EDT 

Electric by 2030: The Urgency and Opportunity in Electrifying the U.S. Transportation Sector

The Zero Emission Transportation Association (ZETA) will be hosting a detailed discussion with EV industry executives representing the entire supply chain — manufacturers, charging infrastructure, utilities, and critical minerals —  to discuss the pathway to full EV adoption by 2030.


1:00-2:30pm EDT 

Low Carbon Business: How climate ambition leads to job creation, economic growth

C2ES will host a discussion with leading U.S. companies with ambitious climate targets and an emissions modeling expert on how government and private sector collaboration can drive investments in climate solutions across the global economy to facilitate the net-zero transition, accelerate economic growth, create jobs, and address equity issues.


1:00-2:30pm EDT

Undoing the Damage of Urban Freeways

Join Third Way and Transportation for America for Undoing the Damage of Urban Freeways, a two-part panel event examining the lasting impact of urban freeways and how our next infrastructure investments must be different than the ways we've invested in the past. Join the event to hear from leading experts in the field.


2:00-3:00pm EDT 

An Evolving World Order: The Geopolitics of Climate Change

Join the American Security Project, Joanna Lewis, and Jonathan Elkind on April 20 from 2-3 pm EDT for a discussion of climate change amidst a changing geopolitical and geoeconomic landscape moderated by ASP COO Andrew Holland.


3:00-4:00pm EDT

Translating Climate Ambition Into Clean Energy Jobs

This panel of private sector executives will talk about what policy tools and public investments are needed to translate the United States’ climate ambition into jobs and economic benefits, while delivering health and environmental benefits to communities across the country. This session is hosted by the Business Council for Sustainable Energy.


3:00-4:45pm EDT

How Ocean-Based Solutions Contribute to Net Zero

In support of President Biden’s Leaders Summit on Climate and to deepen understanding of the role that the ocean can play in achieving net-zero greenhouse gas emissions, the Friends of the Ocean and Climate countries are hosting a virtual side event with U.S. Special Presidential Envoy for Climate John F. Kerry and leaders from across the globe.


7:00-8:15pm EDT

EV Living in the Capital District - What's Happening Now and What's Coming Next

A panel discussion hosted by City of Albany Sustainability Advisory Committee with electric vehicle drivers in the New York Capital Region as well as local officials planning for our EV future. Find out what it's like to be an EV owner now - what challenges they face and how they overcome them.


7:00-9:30pm EDT 

We Shall Breathe Summit

The We Shall Breathe Earth Day Summit will be our Earth Day Celebration bringing the worlds of past movements chanting overcome, and current movements screaming breathe, together centering environmental and climate justice. We can’t breathe because of police brutality, pollution, policy, poverty, and the pandemic. Hurting people, hurts the planet. If the people are taken care of, the planet will be taken care of.


Wednesday, April 21


8:00-9:15am EDT 

Launch of the Global Power System Transformation (G-PST) Consortium

The Global Power System Transformation (G-PST) Consortium is honored to host its formal launch event on April 21st at 8 a.m. US EDT, convened in association with US Climate Action Week. U.S. Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholm and U.K. Department for Business, Energy, and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) Secretary of State Kwasi Kwarteng, together with several executives of power system operators and institutions from around the world, will officially launch the G-PST Consortium, a bold and innovative public-private partnership to accelerate transitions to net-zero emission, reliable power systems, and support economic growth.


9:00-10:00am EDT 

CitiesWithNature: The Missing Piece to Building Back Better

The Cities Biodiversity Center, embedded in the ICLEI Africa Secretariat and the focal point for subnational action in the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) will help to provide a vision of what American cities could look like if the U.S. were to sign on to the CBD and elevate nature in its BBB plan.


9:00-11:00am EDT 

Our Planet: Too Big To Fail

The British Embassy and WWF invite you to a virtual screening of the film: Our Planet: Too Big To Fail. The film will be followed by a panel discussion with some of the cast of the film and special guests on how we can transform the global financial system to deliver a sustainable, net-zero future.


9:30-11:00am EDT 

Strengthening Global Cooperation on Climate Resilience

This panel will discuss why progress on resilience has been slow, what kinds of reforms are needed to fully integrate climate risks and opportunities into international and national economic management, and how countries can work together to deliver them.


10:00-11:00am EDT 

Carbon Crediting: Meeting US and Global Goals

Carbon crediting is one of the world's greatest, but least-known, success stories. A US-based non-profit -- Verra -- runs the world's largest greenhouse gas crediting mechanism. Join this session to learn more about carbon crediting, debunk the myths about the concept, and understand how it can help the world solve the climate emergency.


10:00am-12:30pm EDT 

Purpose & Circular Entrepreneurship: Building Sustainable Ecosystems

Circular Economy Entrepreneurship is about inclusion, collaboration and a new mindset. Learn how Entrepreneurs and Startups are changing the Linear Economy into a Circular Sustainable Economy. Purpose and Profit are not at odds anymore.


10:00-11:30am EDT 

MultiLevel Climate Action and 2nd US NDC - COP26 Roadmap

Yunus Arikan, ICLEI's Global Advocacy Director, orients local and regional governments on the agenda and processes of the UN Climate Change Conference (COP26), held in November 2021 in Glasgow, as well as on issues of multilevel governance and progresses in the global climate negotiations.


11:00am-12:00pm EDT 

COP26 & The Glasgow Financial Alliance for Net Zero 

Mark Carney, the UK Prime Minister's Finance Advisor for COP26 and UN Special Envoy for Climate Action and Finance – in partnership with the UNFCCC Climate Action Champions and the Race to Zero campaign (the world’s largest coalition of non-state actors committed to net zero) – are teaming-up to launch a global finance alliance for net zero. Join us in this event to understand how the financial sector can come together to accelerate the transition to a net zero economy. 


11:00am-12:30pm EDT 

Rowing in the Same Boat: How Carbon Markets and Climate Finance Work Together to Deliver Net Zero? 

Bringing together a diverse panel of leading industry, market and finance experts, this session, hosted by IETA, will: map-out where carbon markets and climate finance intersect; unpack their critical and symbiotic relationship; and reveal how they can work together to decarbonize the world’s largest emitting sectors of the economy. 



International Strategies for Unlocking Green Hydrogen in the US 

This session will bring together representatives of national and international bodies which have invested in long-term hydrogen strategies, including the EU, Canada and Chile, where lessons may be drawn for the US. 


12:00-1:00pm EDT 


Fossil Fuels, Equity and a Global Just Transition: The Challenge of Aligning Production of Oil, Gas and Coal with Paris goals


Join Indigenous leaders, youth, academic, civil society and government officials for a discussion of the fossil fuel threat we face now and need for new mechanisms to end expansion, stop down production in keeping with 1.5ºC and accelerate a global transition to clean energy.


12:00-1:30pm EDT 

Cities Race to Zero

Race To Zero is a global campaign of the United Nations' COP26 Climate Champions to rally leadership and support from businesses, cities, regions, and investors for a healthy, resilient, zero-carbon recovery that prevents future threats, creates decent jobs, and unlocks inclusive, sustainable growth. Join this session to learn why local leaders are taking this bold step and what they feel is needed to succeed.


1:00-2:00pm EDT 

All In For Climate: How a Whole-of-Society Approach Can Meet Our Decarbonization Challenge

The event will highlight how domestic Alliances for Climate Action are championing a “whole-of-society” approach to the climate crisis, and contributing to building the groundswell of support for the global Race to Zero Campaign and Race to Zero Breakthroughs spearheaded by the UNFCCC High-Level Champions for Climate Action. This event is hosted by WWF-US and Alliances for Climate Action partners.


1:00-2:00pm EDT

Blue Carbon - a nature based solution for climate and coastal communities

Protecting and restoring coastal wetlands can be a nature-based solution to climate change and a critical tool to capture and sequester carbon from the atmosphere. This event is hosted by Restore America's Estuaries.


1:00-2:00pm EDT 

Follow the Leaders: The State AG Role in Supporting U.S. Climate Progress

Hosted by State Energy & Environmental Impact Center at NYU Law, at this event, state attorneys general will talk about their work defending policies to cut GHGs, explain how the federal government can and should affirmatively support state policies, and explain how these policies can be achievable and defensible.


1:00-2:30pm EDT 

Managing Climate Risk at the State Level: Frameworks for a More Resilient Future

Through this webinar, the EU-USCA Climate Risk and Resilience Cooperation program will provide attendees with a deeper understanding of climate-related risk management frameworks that can be applied to incorporate climate considerations throughout an organization and help organizations improve internal decision-making and risk management.


2:00-3:30pm EDT 

Faith Climate Action Week

The film “Kiss the Ground” has been chosen as the featured film of Interfaith Power & Light’s Faith Climate Action Week, April 16-25, 2021. Our theme this year is Sacred Ground: Cultivating Connections between our Food, our Faith, and the Climate.


5:00-6:30pm EDT

Rising from the Ashes: A Coal Ash documentary screening

Join Sierra Club Georgia Chapter and Beyond Coal Campaign for a special Earth Day event, a screening of Rising from the Ashes, a coal ash documentary series about the dangers of coal ash in Georgia!


6:00-7:00pm EDT 

Restoring Michigan - Legislative Priorities to Build Michigan Back Better

Hosted by Sierra Club, this is a conversation about Michigan priorities, the administration and the leadership needed on the Build Back Better plan.


7:00-8:00pm EDT 

Environment America Clean Cars Webinar

Environment America will be hosting a webinar about the Advanced Clean Cars Program, illustrating how the program benefits public health and combats climate change. We’ll also be highlighting the growing movement of more states adopting the program.


8:00-9:00pm EDT 

Resilience 21: Building a Nation of Resilient Communities

Twenty-one years into the 21st century, we find our nation in existential crisis, with the very foundations of our society besieged and crumbling: our social compact, government institutions, public health, physical infrastructure, and natural environment—even our shared reality and American ideals. This session, hosted by Resilience 21, will be a Networking Event featuring a range of presentations and discussion from various Resilience Leadership from the Coalition and Across the Nation.


Thursday, April 22 


9:00-10:30am EDT 

Tackling the Climate Crisis: Transitioning to a Global Green Economy

AirQualityAsia and the US-Asia Institute will be holding a joint Parliamentary webinar with Parliamentary Network Titled ‘Tackling the Climate Crisis: Transitioning to a Global Green Economy’, taking place alongside the President’s Leaders’ Summit on Climate. It will feature Parliamentarians from across Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America and the Middle East and the US Congress. 


9:00am-12:30pm EDT (2-day event) 

Zoom to the Hart of Climate Change

Inspired by National Geographic Explorer Dr. John Francis, Planet Walker, the Zoom to the Hart is a two day event meant not only inspire Connecticut students, but to send them home with solutions that are actionable in a short time period.


10:30-11:30pm EDT

How the U.S. Can Lead on Climate Change and Displacement Policy: Views from Communities on the Frontlines

Join Refugees Internation for a keynote address by U.S. Senator Ed Markey followed by a conversation with members of the Climate, Migration, and Displacement Platform; a global platform of practitioners and advocates with a common concern for climate justice and the human rights of migrants and displaced people, who will share stories from the ground and visions of policy and practice for a Biden administration. An audience Q&A will follow.


11:00am-12:00pm EDT 

Industry Titans Roundtable - Getting to Zero in the Building Sector by 2030

Hear from market leaders about how innovation and market adoption of new ideas is most successful when proponents align behind a shared vision for change. Learn about their collective impact, as well as other industry commitments, can bring about the changes needed to support Biden’s climate agenda. 


11:00am-3:00pm EDT

2021 Shifting Seasons Summit

The 3rd Shifting Seasons Summit, hosted by the College of Menominee Nation (CMN), will include climate adaptation training sessions tailored to the needs and capabilities of tribes, but will focus on the development of in-depth case studies based on existing tribal adaptation work in the Northeast region.


12:00-1:00pm EDT 

Zoom In: Earth Day Youth Poetry Reading and Discussion

Please join NRCM and The Telling Room for a special Earth Day celebration with young Maine poets reading their original work inspired by Maine’s environment. We hope you’ll join us to hear their poetry followed by a thought-provoking conversation about what inspired their work


12:00-4:30pm EDT (2-day event) 

UC Center for Climate Justice Launch Event

The Center for Climate Justice is a University of California system wide initiative to address climate change as a social justice and equity issue. The Center for Climate Justice launch event will be held over two days, April 22-23, 2021, beginning on Earth Day.


12:00-5:00pm EDT 

Earth Day Live: Restore Our Earth 

EARTHDAY.ORG will produce its second Earth Day Live digital event. The multi-hour multi-channel livestream will include segments taking place around the world. Workshops, panel discussions, and special performances will focus on Earth Day’s 2021 theme, Restore Our Earth, which examines natural processes, emerging green technologies, and innovative thinking that can restore the world’s ecosystems. 


12:30-2:00pm EDT 

What World Leaders Can Learn from India and Global Grassroots Calls for Climate Action, Financing Disaster in India

Join Sierra Club and Friends of the Earth US to learn about the story of Sasan and hold the US Export-Import Bank accountable. We will also be raising this as an important point of demanding action from world leaders - specifically to end fossil fuel finance overseas.

Biden 100 Days

Biden 100 Days: Can the US take the lead in averting climate catastrophe?  

1:00-2:15pm EDT

The Climate Group is bringing together leaders from business, government and the climate community on this date to ask: “Can the US take a lead in averting climate catastrophe?” Taking place as the US reveals its NDC commitment, this event will provide an opportunity for business and government leaders to explore their role in supporting the change needed to meet that goal. It will also highlight the important work that has already been done at a subnational level, as well as the global impact of this new chapter in climate diplomacy. 

1:00-2:00pm EDT

How to Make the Environmental Movement Anti-Racist

Wawa Gatheru will be discussing the history of the environmental movement and how it is connected to racial inequalities and marginalization in the US. Wanjiku "Wawa" Gatheru is an environmental justice advocate, writer and current graduate student at the University of Oxford. She is a first generation American of Kenyan descent and the first Black person in history to receive the Rhodes, Truman and Udall Scholarships.


1:00-2:00pm EDT 

Transforming Transit: Fund transit at the same level as highways

This webinar, hosted by Transportation for America, will unpack hurdles to a transformational investment in public transit embedded in existing federal transportation policy—notably the "handshake deal" limiting public transit to only 20 percent of the transportation budget.


3:00-6:00pm EDT 

Greentown Houston Grand Opening

This Earth Day, Greentown Houston is proud to open Greentown Houston—the city’s first-ever climatetech startup incubator—heralding a new and exciting chapter for the energy capital of the world!


4:00-5:00pm EDT 

Celebrating Earth Day & Youth Voices for Climate Justice

Join the NCIPL Youth Leader’s Initiative (YLI) and the NC Council of Churches’ Eco-Justice Connection Program for a conversation and celebration of youth in the movement for climate and environmental justice. During this hour, you will have a chance to hear from our middle and high school youth leaders regarding what motivates them in this work, learn about our YLI program and how your congregation and youth might become involved, and celebrate Earth Day with calls to action and advocacy.


4:00-5:00pm EDT 

PA Infrastructure Briefing

With the federal infrastructure bill now in the works, Reimagine Appalachia would like to invite you to a briefing on the Reimagine Appalachia campaign’s activity and plans to secure the support needed to ensure we maximize on this generational opportunity for the region. They will provide an overview of federal policy that affects the Appalachian region; the impact of the infrastructure bill and its potential impact on the region, provide updates on the research from the campaign and share the Appalachian Climate Infrastructure Plan.


5:00-6:00pm EDT 

Protecting Our Winters

Join 2021 World Cup Champion and Olympic gold medalist Jessie Diggins, the President and CEO of Aspen Ski Company Mike Kaplan and POW’s Executive Director Mario Molina this Earth Day. They’ll share an insider look at the perils facing both the lifestyles and livelihoods for those in winter sports, and more importantly how the snow industry, athletes and POW are helping the 50 million people who participate in those sports to become a powerful force for systemic climate action.


8:00-9:00pm EDT 

Equitable Future Workshop

On Earth Day, Sierra Club Utah and the Associated Students of the University of Utah will be hosting an online community gathering and workshop led by activists and grassroots youth-led organizations in Utah working to build a collective vision for a just and equitable future in Utah. The event will focus on what is being done to act on climate at the state, national, and international level.


8:30-9:30pm EDT 

Reclaiming Social Media: The ACE Creator Collective Launch

Reclaiming Social Media: The ACE Creator Collective Launch’ will review our mission of restructuring social media platforms and train young people on how to join our program to get paid to speak authentically on the climate issues they care about for good.


Friday, April 23

12:00-1:00pm EDT

Running for office on climate - Climate Candidate Accelerator

Local and state leadership across the United States is crucial to make the kind of transformative changes we need in our cities and towns. Join Climate Candidates as they launch a pilot to accelerator program to train climate candidates.


12:00-1:00pm EDT

Going from SBTs to Net Zero – Activating for Impact

Join our Net Zero experts for guidance on closing the gap between your Science Based Target and a Net Zero target. Topics will include key elements of a net zero strategy, sizing your financial commitment, strategies for impact, and tools like the internal carbon tax. 


3:00-4:00pm EDT

Clean Energy Transition: Quitting Fossil Gas

Join Director of the Green Energy Institute Professor Melissa Powers and Sierra Club Staff Attorney Alison Seel in a discussion about quitting natural gas.


3:00-4:00pm EDT 

Driving Down Emissions: Why Reducing How Much We Drive is Critical for Our Climate

This webinar will draw from Smart Growth America's 2020 report, Driving Down Emissions, and highlight new research and state action to reduce emissions from the transportation sector. Speakers will discuss why it is so critical to reduce the need to drive in the U.S., how policy changes can get us there, and what steps California and Minnesota, two leading states, are taking to make it happen.


7:00-8:00pm EDT 

Black to the Future: Radically Imagining Liberatory Futures

There is no such thing as a sustainable, environmental future without thriving Black communities. Hosted by Black in Environmental, this discussion will center and radically imagine an environmental future–places where Black people can thrive! We have to imagine what that looks like and co-create it. We will hear from an intergenerational panel of environmental leaders on their thoughts and vision of a future where Black people can thrive, imagine, and create towards liberation, justice, and equity.


Saturday, April 24

1:00-2:30pm EDT 

Global Shapers North American Climate and Environment Town Hall

The North American Shapers Committee on Climate and Environment is hosting a regional town hall to bring together young environmental leaders from Canada and the United States to drive action towards net zero emissions in both countries.


1:30-5:00pm EDT 

The Future Is: The IE Earth Month Virtual Summit 

The Future Is: The IE Earth Month Virtual Summit will highlight diverse voices paving the way towards climate justice, while providing attendees with context, insight + support to start their own journey of intersectional environmentalism in their communities + beyond. 


1:30-5:00pm EDT 

Earth Day Youth Climate Summit  

This entirely youth-organized summit hosted by Bay Area Youth Climate Summit features workshops, discussions, and a climate action planning session! Our 8 workshops are focused on two themes -- policy and action -- and include topics ranging from the Green New Deal to food justice to restoring biodiversity. All high school students from the Bay Area and beyond are welcome to attend.  


Post-Week Events

April 26, 11:00am-12:00pm EDT 

2021 Legislative Seminar: Opening Worship & Award Ceremony

Join North Carolina Council of Churches and North Carolina Interfaith Power & Light on Monday, April 26 at 11 a.m. for our 2021 Legislative Seminar virtual opening worship service and award ceremony. Each time the Council holds its biennial Legislative Seminar, it honors those whose public lives reflect their faith commitments with its Faith Active in Public Life Award. This year, the Council is proud to honor Michael S. Regan, EPA Administrator and former Secretary of the North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality.


April 27, 4:00-5:00pm EDT 

How to Host a Youth Climate Summit

With The Wild Center’s free resources, you have everything you need to plan and host your own Youth Climate Summit, either in-person or virtually. At this event, learn more about these resources, get advice from other summit organizers, hear from youth leaders who are passionate about taking climate action, and ask the questions to jumpstart your Youth Climate Summit journey!


April 29, 7:00-8:00pm EDT 

Envinity + Sierra Club - Virtual Solar Tour - Solar Energy Storage

What’s it like to #GOSOLAR? Whether you’re curious about making a solar investment because of climate change, energy independence, or financial benefits, this event is for you! This event is hosted by Envinity, Sierra Club and PennEnvironment.